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RCHI prides itself in offering the most thorough, comprehensive inspections to avoid major future surprises.
Here are photos of some of the defects RCHI has discovered that would most likely go undetected by the home owner:

Split Roof Truss

Here is a split roof truss found in a recent inspection. This is an important structural member of the roof framing. Without a thorough RCHI inspector this defect goes undetected until a heavy snow load causes the roof to collapse.

Notches in Floor Joists

This is a common problem found in floor framing. These notches severely weaken the structure allowing a chance for structural movement.

Abandoned Wires in Electrical Panel

Double Taps in Electrical Panel

These are dangerous electrical situations often due to changes made by a non electrical professional. Dangers include possible fire and risk of electric shock.

Air Conditioning Systems:

Air-Cooled Condenser Coil - Corrosion

Corrosion of the Condenser Coil is a common defect due to age.

Air Cooled Condenser Coil - Damage

Damage of the Condenser Coil is also a common situation resulting from the installation location and lack of protection allowing for mechanical damage.

Air Cooled Condenser Coil - Dirty

Annual cleaning of the Condenser Coil is recommended.

All of these Condenser Coil conditions result in reduced efficiency and reduced life expectancy of the A/C system.

Water Heater Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve Discharge Tube Missing

This is a personal injury hazard. The tube should discharge within 6 inches of the floor. This situation may result in scalding.

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